The beginning of my blog Part 1

Hi everyone!

As you can see thats my second entry , so I am still at the beginning . I honestly thought it would be easier but I still figuring out what to do.

So while I hope what will be a well desgined blog in the furture about interesting things to do around Cancun and some insight of the area around ,I will be monitoring my blogging experience, let’s see how I’ll do.;)

So here I go!

Okay for starters I signed up at worldpress and opend my acount , I choose the beginner one, that was not that dificult , but right now I  need to figure out how to make it pretty, nice and functional.

So for some ideas I started to investigate on Pinterest ( I loovee Pinterest) and I came across some interesting blogs like
and there is so much more!
So my homework will be figuring out how to apply all the suggestiones made and for my next entery I hope to have advanced a lot.

Feel free to help me along the way;).
Great weekend everyone!

New at blogging

Well hello, I am such a virgin at blogging but I really would like to give it try!
My name is Iris and I am origenly from Austria but been living in Cancun for the past 19 years! Time just flies by! I am a mom of 3 now ( 17,11 and 3) running a ( if any one is interested ;))
and basicly trying to divide myself , in ….I don’t know how many parts.

I am really still looking for what I mostly would write about, but for now since I am already in the business , it would probably be about touristm in and around the cancun área, like place to see and visit, what do they mean and so on.

So if you have suggestens I am all ears ( eyes) !